The Implementation of Discovery Learning Model for Word Formation in Morphology Subject of Morphophonemics Material Throughopen Lesson

ICLS || International Conference On Lesson Study
14-16 September 2017 || ISBN: 978-602-98097-8-7
Penerbit : Universitas Hamzanwadi
Tema     : Professional Learning Community Trough Lesson Study for Promoting Student Learning
Penulis 1: Agung Pramujiono
Penulis 2: Tri Indrayanti

Discovery Learning Model is a learning model that emphasizes the form of learning process to
self-organize.Discovery learning model is said to be a learning-oriented and student-centered
learning model.Word formation in the Indonesian language is one of the most common
problems. This study discusses the use of discovery learning model in Morphophonemic
material learning in Morphology subject.The research is employed a quantitative-qualitative
method.The quantitative one is used to measure learning outcomes and student activeness in
learning, while the qualitative one is applied to know the learning process by using discovery
learning model.The learning process using the discovery learning model is started by providing
stimulus, giving text for identifying data, collecting data that has phoneme removal and
phonemic addition, analyzing the phonemic disappearance and adding phonemes, analyzing
the results of the analysis with the existing theory, and drawing conclusions at the end.The
findings demonstrate that the learning outcomes obtained an average of 82, the implementation
of learning on Morphophonemic materials using the discovery learning model show a
percentage of 85, and in terms of liveliness, the students followthe Morphofonemic material
learning with a percentage of 80.
Keywords: discovery learning model, learning, morphophonemic