IVICOLL 2020 || International Virtual Conference on Language and Literature
18-19 September 2020 || E-ISSN: 2746-8402
Penyelenggara : Politeknik Negeri malang 

Penulis       : Hertiki

StoryJumper is an interactive website that helps teachers in creating stories for young learners. ft is free and available on the internet. This web digital narrator tool allows teachers to create their own stories and publish it for public. Both teachers and parents can write and illustrate short stories for the young learners. StoryJumper is also an easy platform for the children. It provides various tools for story creation and it is student friendly. During this pandemic, the children are not allowed to come to school, however the teaching-learning activities still must go on. To cope with this situanon, both teachers and parents must work hand-in-hand together. One of the ways in helping the children to keep on studying from borne is using the StoryJumper. Through this difficult situation, the author involves the eighteen teacher trainees of semester eight to take part in this study. These teacher trainees are prepared to teach English for the children. They make a digital storytelling with their own ideas and publish it online. Data were analyzed based on the interview, questionnaire, and students’ work sample. Finally, StoryJumper lets the teacher trainees improve their creativity in creating the story and
the technology skills.
Keywords: children, digital storytelling. storyjumper