Kontribusi Tingakat Konsentrasi terhadap Keberhasilan Tendangan Penalti

29 November 2017 || ISBN: 978-602-52429-0-8
Penerbit : Universitas Negeri Surabaya
Penulis : Riga Mardhika

Football is a team sport that relies on technique, tactics, and mental to achieve maximum performance. Mental aspect is a very important aspect that is needed in almost all sports. To improve the maximum performance requires not only physical skills, techniques, tactics, or strategies, but mental training plays an important role to generate good mental. Concerning mental means related to the psychology of a person and in this writing there is a psychological relationship with sports, because with the decline in mental conditions will be able to affect athletes in concentrating to do penalty kicks. The purpose of this study to determine the level of contribution of student concentration PKO UNIPA Surabaya to the success of penalty kicks.
This research uses quantitative approach with correlational approach. The sample subjects used are athletes football soccer men Unipa Surabaya, which amounted to 22 people. Based on the calculation that has been done got the average value for the concentration variable that is equal to 13,54 and for variable of penalty kick equal to 64,54. For correlation coefficient value obtained at 0.332, which contributed 11%. The conclusions obtained from the results of this study is that the concentration contributes strongly to the penalty shoot result and contributes 11%.
Keywords : contribution of concentration level, penalty kick success

Tumbler Arek Suroboyo: Kajian Semantik Sintaktik

DIASPORA OF AUSTRONESIAN AND NON-AUSTRONESIAN LANGUAGES IN INDONESIA || The 8th International Seminar Austronesian and Non-Austronesian Language and Literature in Indonesia
Volume 2 || 15-16 September 2017 || ISBN: 978-602-294-239-9
Penerbit : Udayana University
Penulis  : Tri Indrayanti

In the online world, many pictures or memes that are unique and funny are found in social media
such as Line, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and among other things. Those things sometimes
contain a humor, a satire, a heart feeling, a condition of economy or politic or a social critism. The
contents of memes have more meanings. The meanings of memes are contextual. It means that
those are related to the events and the real conditions of society nowadays. The purposes of this
research are to explain meanings contained in online media of Line tumbler of Arek Suroboyo
and to explain the syntax of sentences found in the tumbler of Arek Suroboyo. To use descriptive
analysis, this research used qualitative approach to describe the data. The researcher described the
facts found in tumbler of Arek Suroboyo. The data collection of this research was done using
documentation technique. The results of this research showed that the tumbler of Arek Suroboyo
have contextual meanings. Contextual semantic that appeared on tumbler of Arek Suroboyo is in
the forms such as advice, expression of feeling, and critism. While the result of syntactic analysis
was done by translating Javanese Language used in tumbler of Arek Suroboyo into Bahasa
Indonesia, then analyzed by using the theory of sentence in Bahasa Indonesia. The sentences used
in tumbler of Arek Suroboyo mostly meet the requirement of acceptance of sentence, that is, the
sentences meet the word structure, word form, intonation, and conjuction. The types of the
sentences used in tumbler of Arek Suroboyo are mostly declarative sentences, that is in the
amount of 50%. The second is interjection sentences, that is in the mount of 25%. The third is
interrogative sentences, that is in the mount of 12.5%. Lastly, the types of the sentences are
imperative sentences, that is in the amount of 6.25%.
Keywords: tumbler of Arek Suroboyo, semantic, syntax

The Implementation of Discovery Learning Model for Word Formation in Morphology Subject of Morphophonemics Material Throughopen Lesson

ICLS || International Conference On Lesson Study
14-16 September 2017 || ISBN: 978-602-98097-8-7
Penerbit : Universitas Hamzanwadi
Tema     : Professional Learning Community Trough Lesson Study for Promoting Student Learning
Penulis 1: Agung Pramujiono
Penulis 2: Tri Indrayanti

Discovery Learning Model is a learning model that emphasizes the form of learning process to
self-organize.Discovery learning model is said to be a learning-oriented and student-centered
learning model.Word formation in the Indonesian language is one of the most common
problems. This study discusses the use of discovery learning model in Morphophonemic
material learning in Morphology subject.The research is employed a quantitative-qualitative
method.The quantitative one is used to measure learning outcomes and student activeness in
learning, while the qualitative one is applied to know the learning process by using discovery
learning model.The learning process using the discovery learning model is started by providing
stimulus, giving text for identifying data, collecting data that has phoneme removal and
phonemic addition, analyzing the phonemic disappearance and adding phonemes, analyzing
the results of the analysis with the existing theory, and drawing conclusions at the end.The
findings demonstrate that the learning outcomes obtained an average of 82, the implementation
of learning on Morphophonemic materials using the discovery learning model show a
percentage of 85, and in terms of liveliness, the students followthe Morphofonemic material
learning with a percentage of 80.
Keywords: discovery learning model, learning, morphophonemic


Pembelajaran Bahasa dan Sastra Indonesia Berbasis Multikultural
26 Agustus 2017 || ISBN: 978-602-71092-7-8
Penyelenggara: Program Studi Pendidikan Bahasa dan Sastra Indonesia STKIP Puangrimaggalatung Sengkang, Kabupaten Wajo
Tim Editor: Muhsyanur, Sri Wahyuni, dan Jumadi
Penata Letak: Arie Nugroho Fathona
Penata Sampul: Bluesenja-Art
Diterbitkan oleh: BUGINESE ART
Jalan Krasak No. 5 Kotabaru Yogyakarta, 55224
Telp. (0274)-821610, HP. 082299772285
Email: buginesepress@gmail.com
Penulis  : Indayani
           University of PRGI Adi Buana Surabaya

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Cooperative Learning of Stad Type in Basic Socialsciences Course as an Effort to Improve Student Learning Activities in LSLC Program

ICLS || International Conference On Lesson Study
14-16 September 2017 || ISBN: 978-602-98097-8-7
Penerbit : Universitas Hamzanwadi
Tema     : Professional Learning Community Trough Lesson Study for Promoting Student Learning

Penulis 1: Danang Prastyo
Penulis 2: Wahyu Susiloningsih
Penulis 3: Arif Mahya Fanny

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Evaluation of Football Coach Competence of Early Age in Football Schools

ICIRAD || 2nd International Conference on Innovative Research Across Disciplines 2017
26 September 2017 || ISBN: 978-94-6252-376-0 || ISBN (online) : 978-94-6252-375-3
Grand Inna Bali Beach Sanur Bali, Indonesia
Penerbit : Institut for Research and Community Service Universitas Pendidikan Ganesha
This book is published by Atlantis Press, scientific publishing, Paris, France.

Penulis 1: Ujang Rohman
Penulis 2: Hari Setijono

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