The Careers Development in Childhood to Support
the Nation’s Competitiveness in the Global Era

ICETA 6 || 6th International Conference on Educational 
Technology of Adi Buana, 9th May 2015 || “Future Education:
Shaping Intelligent and Mannered Generation throughout Civilization”
09 Mei 2015 || ISBN: 978-979-3870-55-7
Penerbit : Adi Buana University Press

Penulis : Hartono




Nation’s competitiveness in today’s global era is an important part within the framework of the nation’s development towards a nation that is independent, sovereign, democratic, humane, prosperous and dignified. To create a resource that has a competitive advantage, structured efforts are needed, among others, in the form of managing the careers development of children. This study aims to develop concepts and theoretical frameworks of individual careers development that takes place in the child phase. The study begins by outlining the nature of the child’s careers development, the principles of the careers development of the child, and the child’s careers development theory. The
careers development contributes to the creation of the golden generation of children who have a competitive advantage in the global era, and ends with conclusions and recommendations.

Keywords: careers development, childhood, nation’s competitiveness, and global era.