JURNAL BUDAYA NUSANTARA || Nusantara & Kontemporer
Volume 1 || Nomer 2 || Maret 2018 || ISSN: 2355-3367 || e-ISSN: 2597-8802
Penerbit : Lembaga Pemberdayaan Intelektual dan Kajian-Kajian Universitas PGRI Adi Buana Surabaya

Penulis  : Sunu Catur Budiyono


As a story which spread is dominated by oral tradition, Panji is presented in various versions. Meanwhile, history uses facts, data, or documents to be systematically explored and elaborated. In this case, history speaks in the domain of “the logic of acceptability” whereas literature extends into the realm of “the logic of ignorance”. If literature and history serve the phrase “historical literature” and “literary history” then two things are different. Historical literature is part of a literary history study, but not the other way around. History literature stems from the belief of something. Instead, history begins with the proof of something (Ibrahim, 1986: vii). The story ofPanfi is also the 00, local story that is globalied. Panji is also appointed as a cultural hero of the archipelago. Starting from the above discussion, it is stated that historical literature can only be used to give an overview of civilization socio,, the concept of state administration, and the style of thinking in that era.
Keywords: Panji, history, literatures, local stories