ICETA 9 || International Conference on Educational Technology of Adi Buana
26 Agustus 2017 || ISBN: 978-979-8559-97-6
Penerbit : Universitas PGRI Adi Buana Surabaya
Penulis 1: Yuniar Poerbandini
Penulis 2: Nurmida Catherine Sitompul
Penulis 3: Yoso Wiyarno


This research has a background because there hasn’t been a guidance book to provide classical and counseling service book spread at the market. Classical and counseling teacher has had difficulty to search for proper materials for the students. According to some experts, this classical service is highly needed to deliver information that is acquired by students. This classical service can be delivered both inside and outside of the class according to the classical service material. The Problem of Analysis of this research is the development necessity for a classical and counseling service book for Grade 9, that is suitable for the needs of the students especially Grade 9 students at the area of Sidoarjo. The purpose is to ease Guidance and Counseling teacher in searching for classical guidance service, and the students of grade 9 will find it easier to earn information that has correlation with further study, especially with the interest of Senior High School/Islamic High School, Vocational High School and other future career opportunity. The research of this development, produces products in the form of books. The process of this product development involves material experts , Design Study, media expert and colleagues to gather valuable suggestion to fix this development product before there will a small scale of test which consists of six students and big scale test which consists of thirty students The result of big scale test from the evaluation form which was given to the students shows that percentage of 91,53% which means that this classical service book in the category of very good qualification. Therefore, this book which developed by Yuniar Poerbadini could be used in classical guidance and counseling.
Keyword: Development, Book, Classical Service, Guidance and Counseling