Planning Election of Majors Based of Personality Types for Senior High School Students

PROSIDING || Proceedings of The International Conference on New Careers In New Era
5-6 Juli 2013 || ISBN: 978-979-8559-92-1
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Penulis 1: Ika Damayanti
Penulis 2: Artanti Indrasetianingsih



Lack of students’ interest in heeding the lessons of the election materials majors in college caused a lot of students’ difficulties in determining the choice. Based on a class action research (Rudjiati, 2008) learning mind map can improve career guidance services in selecting material for further studies after graduating senior high school career as well as the selection of majors in college in accordance with the student’s personality types in class XI IPS 3 SMAN 19 Surabaya. The purpose of this paper was to investigate the relationship between personality types and options after senior high school graduation, also to investigate relationship between personality types and college majors that would
be chosen by the students. Out of 40 students, about 65% had social type of personality and 62.5% would continue to college. Personality types and options after senior high school graduation (went to college, courses, or work) had no significant relationship. Whereas, personality types and majors election in college had strong correlation (r=.794).

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