Characterization of aerobic composting process of slaughterhouse solid waste

Nama             : Rhenny Ratnawati
NIDN             : 0727058704
Perguruan Tinggi : Universitas PGRI Adi Buana Surabaya

Nama             : Trihadiningrum Y
NIDN             : -
Perguruan Tinggi : Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember


Aerobic composting is considered as an appropriate alternative technology for processing the Slaughterhouse Solid Waste (SSW), for it’s fast performance and ability to retain nitrogen.This research was aimed to characterize the aerobic composting process of the SSW, including nitrogen distribution. A total of 6 reactors of 60 L capacity were used for 50 day aerobic composting period. Raw material compositions were varied in order to represent different C/N ratios. Variations of the raw materials were: (1) 40% paunch manure, 40% grass feed residue, 20% rice straw; (2) 100% paunch manure; and (3) 100% grass feed residue. Aerobic condition was maintained with 0.5 L air supply/kg dry weight solid waste.min. The results showed that the compost product had organic carbon content of 30.51%; total nitrogen of 2.58%; C/N ratio of 11.83, and total phosphorus of 80,18%.

Keywords: Aerobic, composting process, nitrogen, phosphorus, slaughterhouse solid waste

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