Produktivitas Guru Sekolah Dasar Pasca Sertifikasi

ICETA 5 || International Conference on Education Technology of Adi Buana
24 Mei 2014 || ISBN: 978-979-3870-58-8
Penerbit : Universitas PGRI Adi Buana Surabaya
Penulis 1: M. Subandowo
Penulis 2: Suryaman
Penulis 3: Hari Karyono



Certified   teacher  aims  to determine  the teacher’s   level  in executing   the assignment   of tecahing  learning  process  at school  and  directly  awards  the certified   teacher  to them who  fulfill the  terms  and  the  conditions   and  pass  certified   examination.The  aims  of  this  research   is  to describe  elementary   teacher’s creativities after she/he  did the certification.  This  research uses  the qualitative  approach   with the design  of multi-sites  study.  Based  on this research  we invent  that: (1) set the materials   or contents  of teaching  learning  till the application  of learning  which  do not display  in increasing   significantly,   (2) the aims of the material’s   indicator  which  are set by them incompletely.   (3)    work  time  doesn’t   conclude  to  fulfill  approximately   37.5/a  week  (24  hours meeting).  Certified   teachers  who  pass  the certification  show how  they act well,  the enforcement of  teacher’S   motivation   still  increases   significantly.   Among  them.  many  teachers   did  what  the government’s    policy,  specially   how  they  integrate  the values  of  character  education  in teaching learning   activity.      Based  on  this   research   and  study,   the  researcher   suggests   that  in  PLPG activities   must  be raised on the  services,  both of the administration   or structure  that supports  the activities.