Education and Training for Sustainable Competencies in Increasing Teachers Productivity

ICETA 7 || 7th International Conference on Educational Technology of Adi Buana
Conference Proceedings || 13 Maret 2016 || ISBN: 978-979-3870-50-2
Penerbit : Universitas PGRI Adi Buana Surabaya

Penulis  : M. Subandowo



Improving teachers’ productivity  has been of importance and become a necessity for  a teacher who has been certified and its implementation relies on the education and training that is efficient, effective and sustainable. 

 Teacher competence is dynam!«  It is because of what teachers have previously  learned are  not necessarily  relevant to today’s  and future development. Increased productivity of  teachers  is undeniably  a  necessity.  Education  and  training  is  the systematic development  of knowledge.  skills and attitudes needed  by someone  to perform  a task  or job. Teacher development programs  are  a strategic  policy  to  ensure  the  quality  of  education  in indonesia.  With this program the teacher productivity can be achieved to the fullest  along with the development   0f globalization. The  productivity   of   the   teacher   in  this   instance  includes pedagogical, personality, social. lind professional competencies. Based on the results oj this study,the teachers’ development brings about a  Significant contribution to their productivity.