Effectiveness and Quality of Module Developed For Elementary School Subjects Learning: A Case Study

ICETA 8 || 8th International Conference on Educational Technology of Adi Buana Surabaya
29 Oktober 2016 || ISBN: 978-979-8559-98-3
Penerbit : University of PGRI Adi Buana Surabaya
Penulis 1: Achmad Fanani
Penulis 2: Bahauddin Azmy
Penulis 3: Dian Kusmaharti



The purpose of this study was to develop a module of subjects learning development as an attempt at improving the quality of teaching in the Elementary teacher Education Program at University of PGRI Adi Buana Surabaya.In this instance it described the results of the students’ and lecturers’ responses on the effectiveness and quality of the product. i.e. the module developed for the school subject learning. The study was a research and development with 4-D model (Define, Design, Develop. and Disseminate). In the first year the development stage was implemented. It resulted in the module prototype. It was that validated by the experts. The results showed that the prototype belonged to very good category with a value of 4.85 It was confirmed by 73 % of the students who responded ‘strongly agree in the second year the application was done to the limited sample, 1. e .the students the Elementary School Teacher Education Department of University of PGRI Adi Buana Surabaya. It is effective for use as a learning resource for the learning of elementary school subjects and with excellent quality, i.e. with a mean score of 4.3.