The 63rd TEFLIN || Creativity and Innovation in Language Materials Development and Language Teaching Methodology in Asia and Beyond
8-10 September 2016 || ISBN: 979-978-8559-99-0

Penulis 1: Ika Ismurdyahwati
Penulis 2: Suhari
Penulis 3: Suparman



In an effort to lift the ethnic culture of an area, it can be used a method in learning English through the spectacle in the form of a puppet show of Indonesian Javanese culture. The technique used by the concept of storytelling. Methods storytelling is one of the methods used in the study of languages, including English, which in the context of Indonesian society, is one of the foreign language that must be learned by the community, in addition to Chinese, Japanese, Arabic and languages of the Mediterranean there are around the islands of Indonesia. 

Through storytelling regional communities are usually easier to understand the stories related to everyday life, which is associated with folklore and also show when the wayang kulit in staged. There are several alternatives in the delivery of the message, namely through the game puppet puppeteer (dalang) who uses English-language introduction, or stories that exist in the puppet show is told in story form in English. Experience and also in research teaches that the second alternative is more readily accepted by residents to learn, that they are more easily understand the stories that exist in the puppet show story retold in the form of English. The final result expected is that people learn more easily memorize vocabulary in speaking with another display of puppets, which then in the form of drawings by adapting the story says about wayang stories as illustrations.