Elementary school students’ multiple intelligence in mathematics problem solving

Nama             : Hanim Faizah
NIDN             : 0729058802
Perguruan Tinggi : Universitas PGRI Adi Buana Surabaya



The aim of this research was to describe student’s multiple intelligence in mathematics problem solving. The data of this research were gathered from sixteen fifth grade students of elementary school, MI Hasanuddin Tebel-Gedangan-SidoarjoIndonesia by using test and interview. In the first step, students were given test to determine the subject according to their multiple intelligence. In the second step. the students were then given mathematics problem solving test to gather the data about their way in solving the mathematics problem. By using the data in second step. students were interviewed to examine their work. From the collected data can be concluded that the dominant multiple intelligence effected the way of students’ problem solving.