PROGRAMME BOOK || The Commemorative Academic Conference For The 60th Anniversary Of The 1955 Asian-African Conference In Bandung, Indonesia
4-6 Juni 2015
Penyelenggara : Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia and University Of Bath, United Kingdom

Penulis 1: Sunu Catur Budiyono
Penulis 2: Rarasaning Satianingsih



In practice, character education is emphasized on the basic education primary and secondary school with the assumption that the formation of character or behavior will be effective in childhood. On the basis of the idea of government stressed that the priority of character education in basic education. Character education in Indonesia implemented integrated with other subjects. Thus, character education is not only the responsibility of a particular teacher, but it is a shared responsibility of all components of education.

Character education in Indonesia with diverse cultural backgrounds and religions to be very important and urgent. In this regard education not only serves to instill the values based on the particular culture but also the values of universal humanity. Diverse cultural wealth is seen as well as a vehicle for learning to appreciate the differences in values, views, and behavior in the association. Thus, it will shape the character of the students who are sensitive to the difference, caring, empathy, and participation in the common interest. These values become the basis for mutual understanding in living together in diversity. Thus, students are equipped with the values of living together in peace is not only a form of co­existence but rather the pro-existence. Education should be able to stop improving values of silence, ignorence, inequality, prejudise, Injustice, and indifference is shifted to the values of inclusive, care and share, equality, justice, and sympaty.

Keywords: multicultural, character education, participation, and pro-existence