The Influence Of Using Picture Series Media To Student’s Speaking Achievement For Eleventh Grade Of SMK Negeri 6 Surabaya


Dwiana Arum Pratiwi,



Media is something which is used to make understand between sender and receiver. picture series is several or sequence events, action or steps that come in photographic representation of people, place, and things and happened one after the other. Speaking achievement is achivement to convey our ideas, opinions or message orally. It is always used in everyday life; it is the only one way when we want to communicate to each oyhe orally. The aim of this paper is to find out the influence of using picture series media to student’s s[eaking achievement. The research employed true experiment design with pre-test and post-test control group design. In the research was found that there was improvement on student’s speaking achievement. After the data is analyzed by using t-test at the level significance 5%=0.05, t-calculate (5.09) is higher than t-table (2.01). It can be said that the student’s speaking achievement using picute series media is better than using flashcard. It means, that there is positive influence og using picture series media to student’s speaking achievement.

Keyword : media, picture series, speaking achievement