Politeness Strategy In America Folktales : “The King’s Well”


Siyaswati, siyaswati@unipasby.ac.id


Politness is used as the means by speakers to show awarness of listeners face or other people’s face. People use politness to safe other people’s face. Politeness is a part of people’s knowledge to have appropriate behavior in certain situation and to keep good interaction and social relation with othe people. In this case, politeness is used to save face in order to have and keep a good interaction. This paper focuses in analyzing the politeness strategy in American Folktales “The KIng’s Well.” The data were collected by reading and analyzing the folktales. This paper also discussed the type of positive politnessused by the main character in the folktales. The study hopes to add a new perspective on jow American folktales as literary discourse can be analyzed from a linguistic or socio-pragmatic background. In addition to this, it may also help in revealing some insights related to the phenomenon of politeness in the literary discourse in the American culture that will help readers from other cultures to achieve better understanding and interaction when dealing with dealing with literary texts.

Keyword : politness strategy, folktales