phrasal patterns used in covergirl advertisement slogan


Erini Retno Sari,


Dyah Rochmawati,


The present study investigated how the phrasal pattern is used in the advertisement slogans to understood by the readers. For this purpose, the research questions were formulated as follows: (1) what the kind of phrasal patterns are used in the COVERGIRL advertisement slogans? (2) what are their meaning in the slogans? (3) how are woman represented as reflected in the slogans? In response to these questions, the study employed a descriptive research design embracing the characteristics of qualitative text analysis. The source of data was twenty slogans of COVERGIRL advertisement in 2009-2013. The finding revealed that (1) the grammar analysis of the advertisement slogans consisted of noun phrase and verb phrase, (2) the meaning of COVERGIRL advertisement slogans are consisted of denotation meaning, connotations meaning, lexical meaning and grammatical meaning, and idiomatic meaning, (3) women represented as the beauty and the body, the objectification, and sexuality. Those ways are easy to understan to the advertisement slogans in COVERGIRLĀ  advertisement. Finally the present study would, hopefully provide a reach reference to the research of advertisement slogans and source for further advertisement slogan research.

Keyword : phrasal pattern, advertisement slogans