Developing Teaching Materials for Concept Mapping-Based Economics and Accounting for the Ninth-Grade Students of Social Science Major of Study

ICETA 6 || International Conference on Educational Technology of Adi Buana
9 Mei 2015 || ISBN: 978-979-3870-55-7
Penerbit : Universitas PGRI Adi Buana Surabaya
Penulis 1: Sriwahyuni
Penulis 2: I Nyoman Sudana Degeng
Penulis 3: Nurmida Catherine Sitompul



The present study deals with the the development of teaching material of Economics and Accounting based on concept mapping that could help students learn independently. The development was adjusted to meet the characteristics and needs of the students of SMAN 1 Sreseh (Senior High School). The findings included: (1) the development followed the Dick and Carey model \ applied to the ninth-grade of the social science major of study, (2) The teaching material of is appliacable and acceptable, (3) the learning process by using the teaching material could improve the students’ achievement value; and (4) the learning process by using the teaching material could boost the students’ learning independence.
Key words: concept mapping, teaching material, improving achievement value, independent student