BUANA BASTRA || Bahasa, Susastra, dan Pengajarannya
Tahun I || Nomor 3 || Desember 2014 || ISSN: 2355-9411
Penerbit : Program Studi Pendidikan Bahasa dan Sastra Indonesia Fakultas Keguruan dan Ilmu Pendidikan Universitas PGRI Adi Buana Surabaya

Penulis  : Sunu Catur Budiyono


Research on poetry collection “Surabaya Musim Kemarau” by Aming Aminoedhin aims to describe the representation of Surabaya is associated with various aspects of life are always present in a society of Surabaya. The focus of this research is (1) how the representation of weather and the atmosphere in a collection of poems “Surabaya Musim Kemarau” by Aming Aminoedhin related to (a) time and night conditions; (b) air pollution and (c) the port of Surabaya; (2) how the representation of social conditions in a collection of poems “Surabaya Musim Kemarau” by Aming Aminoedhin related to (a) advertising; (b) social discrepancy; (c) the shopping centre; (d) prostitution; (e) the yellow troops; (f) city park; and (g) technology in Surabaya; and (3) how the representation of political conditions Surabaya in the collection of poems “Surabaya Musim Kemarau” by Aming Aminoedhin related to (a) ethics, corruption and bribery practices in Surabaya. This study uses qualitative research methods are presented in descriptive analytical, which describe the data and describe the elements in the text that contains aspects of representation. With this method, researchers use an interdiscilinary approach that is a representation approach, space and identity in a study of Cultural studies and concepts in praesentia and in absentia in semantic study of literature. The data source in this research is the text of the poetry collection “Surabaya Musim Kemarau” by Aming Aminoedhin. The procedure of data analysis activities conducted through four stages, i.e. interpretation, explanation, description, and conclusion. Based on the analysis of data obtained by the research that Surabaya is present in the text representation of the poem through the utilization of Surabaya, the time, place and atmosphere in Surabaya. Collection of poems “Surabaya Musim Kemarau” by placing the subject’s Aming Aminoedhin lyrics as members of the urban community members Surabaya. Thus, representation of Surabaya in “Surabaya Musim Kemarau” is able to present a range of critical views in the form of praise or criticism related to the description of the atmosphere, social conditions, and political conditions of Surabaya.

Key Word: Surabaya, representation, social conditions, political conditions