New grooming can enhance a person’s appearance or can also support the
appearance on a ‘special occasion hair styling usually using the direct or the
original media, but the media are expected to use manequin learning. Manequin
media such as head doll is used in hair styling for the evening. It is very suitable
for students or anyone in particular beauty beginners to practice .cutting, braiding”
and setting a variety of hairstyles. By using mannequin is easier for students to
practice hairdressing prior to the direct model. In this study, the population is a
hairstyling student SMKN 2 Lwnajang. The firs.t sample hairstyling XI by 14
students and students of class XI hairstyling 2 there are 11 students total 25
student. Students practice using media manequin 1 (head doll) and practice to 2 by
using the original media is friend’s head as models. The data analysis technique
used in this study is the product moment. Froin the research that the author
obtained the hair styling for-the evening between using media manequin and using
the original media can be concluded that the price chart criticism for N = 25,
significance level 0.05 = 0.396, significance level 0.01 = 0.505 and results COWlt(t
hit) = 0.998 including high interpretation. On the basis of the above research
suggests that the greater criticism of the price of hair styling for the evening there
is a correlation between the use rnanequin media and using the original media.