Empowering English Language Students’ Entrepreneurship Competence By Creating ELT Based Business Plan

Oleh : Endah Yulia Rahayu, S1 – Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris (Indahr99@yahoo.com)

Since there are many vacancies of directors of studies/ managers of ELT/language teaching and learning centre or institutions that cannot fulfill by many expert teachers or let alone fresh graduade, English Department of Adibuana University has conducted ELT Management for the last five years. Starting 2013, this subject become four credits from previously two credits. Based on the course outline, the writer assigned the students of batch 2011 to make business plan consisted of location, layout of rooms, resource room for students, which client group to target, how to find your clients, marketing, resources and equipment, how to find your teachers, admin and support staff, drawing up contracts, legal aspects, competition, fees, accounts, book keeping and financial aspects, business plan, level and tests, storing information. Before they made business plan, they have attended several meetings in the classroom with the lecturer and business practitioners from Indonesia and overseas. This semester, when they are completing their business plan raging from setting up private English course for kids, students, professionals, public and software house for teaching and learning English, they will also attend the success story by their senior or alumni. These efforts are considered enough for them to build their entrepreneurship competence.

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