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Number of students taking courses of Translation from year to year is always high.
However, the number of students who pass the subject is still low. Class is always filled with students taking recourse of this subject. The tests results show that students have difficulty aligning the structure of English into Indonesian and vice versa, in terms of syntactic function, grammatical meaning, looking for the right diction. The subjects of this study are students of Semester VI English Language Study Program PGRI Adi Buana University courses Translation contracted academic year 2012/2013 both recourse and regular. When examined student failure factor is the difficulty experienced by students in translating English text into Indonesian and vice versa. From the test results was identified that students had difficulty in aligning the structure of the target language with the language of origin in terms of functionality syntactic, grammatical meaning, the use of proper diction, and cultural adjustment. This research applies Contrastive Cooperative Learning Model that aims to describe the efforts made in improving student teachers
in formulating measures learning model, describing learning achievement, and describe the advantages and weaknesses of the model. To achieve the above objectives used quasi­ experimental research methods that implement Cooperative Leaming Model – Contrastive will be applied in the classroom to address the problem of translation.

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