Oleh : Pana Pramulia, S1 – Pendidikan Bahasa Indonesia (panapramulia@gmail.PDFcom)

Wayang kulit is an art of doll made from skin, came from Java, played by dalang with music of gamelan as a musical instrument. Wayang kulit show presented by cooperation of dalang, nayaga, pesinden, and penggerong. The art of wayang is an intc.resting show, the form and the show itself. Wayang kulit show is a guidance of life (preaching). Usually, the preaching presented as a pasemon or symbol. But somehow, behind all of the show there’s a meaning of life. The art in wayang kulit is a dominant element, but when we look deeper into it, we will find an important education in a human life. So that is why, someone could only see those values, depends on their own abilities to absorb and appreciate it.
The show that has Hinduism background and Javanese culture is identical with repetition by the dalang. The experts believed that the spoken discourse tradition that the dalang showed is came from the characteristic formula in the spoken pattern.
The repetition came from suluk, scene, laras, and pathetan. So that is why, formula theory is needed to absorb this Javanese culture. The formula itself is line, word, and sentence that used to start the show.
The formula is defined by Lord : “a group of word which is regularly employed under the same matrical conditions to express a given essential idea” (Teeuw, 1988:298).
This research is using a qualitative research method to reveal any qualitative information. Data is obtained using a transcript, where data inside vcd is copied into laptop to switch the spoken discourse into article.
In discussion, researcher gave repetition data. Conclusion and suggestion is given so that the purposes of this research can be accepted and can be something to learn.