Oleh : Retno Danu Rusmawati, S1 – Pendidikan Bahasa Indonesia (retnodanu@ymail.com)

National Examination (UAN) every year always leave records for evaluation and follow-up. This Evaluation focused for Indonesian language teaching in particular subject how increase score at UAN 2011 with evaluated UAN 2010. Results Indonesian language teaching in 2010 was ranked the lowest of the other subjects. Why? Where the problems that need to follow up? Reality orientation and learning Indonesian language samples for Senior High School(SMA / MA) class X in the standard of competence and basic competences that have not performed optimally planned by teachers and students is evident in the draft the learning program (RPP) did not meet the criteria of assessment. This example is taken at the time of assessment fortofolio teachers certification. Mainly in the Learning Program Planning(RPP) prepare materials / learning materials, media and strategy also needs special attention for the upgrade. Another reason to strengthen this opinion that the teacher teaches is less than the maximum during the implementation of peer teaching in teacher education and professional training (PLPG) at rayon 42 PLPG evaluated nearly all participants need guidance and continuous guidance during menyususun PLPG in the RPP and the implementation of the learning . The challenge of learning the Indonesian language subjects must solve through: 1. Coaching, mentoring and ongoing training for subject teachers of Indonesian in preparing lesson plans and their implementation with Active Learning method Innovative Creative Fun (PAIKEM), 2. Feasibility Test of Indonesian held periodically.