Folia Medica Indonesiana Vol. 47 No.2 April – June 2011 : 68-73
Oleh : Sukarjati, Doddy M Soebadi, Aucky Hinting, Sudjarwo, S1 – Biologi (

Keyword : protein hemagglutinin pill of E. coli BM32.2 kDa, immunogenity, indirect elisa, western blot, dot blot

Male genital tract infection is one cause of infertility. Escherichia coli (E. coli) is a major cause of prostatitis and epididymitis that can degrade the quality of spermatozoa. One factor E. coil can reduce sperm quality due to the ability of E. coli attached to the sperm plasma membrane using pill. Have successfully isolated the protein hemagglutinin pili of E. coil isolates were infertile men with BM cement 32.2 kDa. The purpose of this study was to determine the protein hemagglutinin pili immunogenitas E. BM coil isolates 32.2 kDa cement infertile men. Immunization performed on male rabbits using protein hemagglutinin pill of E. coli BM 32.2 kDa as antigens. Antibody titers formed were measured using indirect methods and the results were read using elisa reader. Antigen and antibody reactivity are formed in the test by the method of dot blot and western blot. The results of this research is through indirect elisa test, the protein hemagglutinin pill of E. BM colt isolates 32.2 kDa cement infertile men can stimulate the formation of antibodies. The results of dot blot test and western blot proved that the antibodies react specifically with antigen. The conclusion of this study is the protein hemagglutinin pili of E. coli BM 32.2 kDa is immunogenic and potentially as a candidate vaccine ingredient in preventing male genital tract infections.

Cooperative Learning of Stad Type in Basic Socialsciences Course as an Effort to Improve Student Learning Activities in LSLC Program

ICLS || International Conference On Lesson Study
14-16 September 2017 || ISBN: 978-602-98097-8-7
Penerbit : Universitas Hamzanwadi
Tema     : Professional Learning Community Trough Lesson Study for Promoting Student Learning

Penulis 1: Danang Prastyo
Penulis 2: Wahyu Susiloningsih
Penulis 3: Arif Mahya Fanny

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26 September 2017 || ISBN: 978-94-6252-376-0 || ISBN (online) : 978-94-6252-375-3
Grand Inna Bali Beach Sanur Bali, Indonesia
Penerbit : Institut for Research and Community Service Universitas Pendidikan Ganesha
This book is published by Atlantis Press, scientific publishing, Paris, France.

Penulis 1: Ujang Rohman
Penulis 2: Hari Setijono

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