The Analysis Of Conflict Faced By Prince Albert In The King’s Speech Movie


Ifa Andriani,


This study aimed to analyze prince albert’s conflicts in the king’s speech movie because of some reasons. Firsty, conflict is an essential part and the heart of movie. Secondly, this movie is an inspirational one that won a lot of awards. The research questions are (1) what the kinds of conflicts are faced by Prince Albert in The Kings Speech movie? (2) how are the conflict resolution? The study used qualitative approach to find out conflicts faced by Prince Albert in The King’s Speech. The source of data in this research was The King’s Speech movie script. The documentation technique was applied qualitative method. The research findings show that Princes Albert faces internal and social conflicts, however he does not face physical conflict. Prince Albert’s internal conflicts are conflict with his stammer, conflict with his fear, conflict with his lack of self confidence and frustration, conflict with his anger, and conflict with his desire. While the social conflict are conflict with Lionel Logue, conflict with David, conflict with the Archbishop, and conflict with the society. Each of the conflict has its resolution.

Keyword : conflict, the King’s speech