Oleh : Joesasono Oediarti S., S1 – Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris (redaksi@unipasby.ac.id)

This paper presents a technique for teaching midwifery students which is aimed to enhance their speaking ability through impromptu speech. The essence of the impromptu speech is the ability to speak confidently and clearly in front of a group of people or audience with very little preparation. Impromptu speech is a popular kind of speaking activity in which learners prepare a talk and speak on either a given topic or on the topic of their own choice. The aim of this technique is to introduce the concept of a short talk and give speaking practice not controlled for accuracy. But even with little to no preparation, the learners are still expected to deliver a great speech. Recently, learning content-are subjects through the medium of a foreign language has become increasingly popular in many countries. In some cases, a foreign language is used as the medium of instruction in non English language department. Furthermore the objective of English subject for midwifery is to make the students are able to communicate orally and written form in the international communication midwifery contexts.